Madrid (Spain) to Beijing (China) £ 273.27 Return Ticket

Madrid to Beijin 273.27

Madrid – Spain (MAD) to Beijing – China (PEK) Return Ticket

Price: £ 273.27
Average Fare:  £ 680.00

Savings: £ 406.73

Airline: China Southern Airlines
Date: 5.02.2018 to 20.02.2018


Few places on earth can match the extraordinary historical panorama on display in Běijīng. There are six Unesco World Heritage Sites in this city alone (just one less than the whole of Egypt). At its heart is the magnificent Forbidden City, a royal palace on a scale like no other. Běijīng is also home to sublime temples that aspire to cosmological perfection, while the city centre is crisscrossed by enchanting hútòng: ancient alleyways that teem with life today, as they did hundreds of years ago. And, to cap it all, the awe-inspiring Great Wall snakes its way across the hills north of town.

London (UK) to Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) £ 279.00 Return Ticket

London to Punta Cana 279.00

London – UK (LGW) to Punta Cana – Dominican Republic (PUJ) Return Ticket

Price: £ 279.00
Average Fare:  £ 650.00

Savings: £  371.00

Airline: TUI Airlines
Date: 07.12.2017 TO 21.12.2017

Punta Cana

Punta Cana, the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic, abuts the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a region known for its 32km stretch of beaches and clear waters. The Bávaro area and Punta Cana combine to form what’s known as La Costa del Coco, or the Coconut Coast, an area of lavish, all-inclusive resorts. It’s popular for zip-lining, windsurfing, kayaking and sailing.

London (UK) to Johannesburg (South Africa) £ 337.39 Return Ticket

London to Johnsburg 337.00

London – UK (LHR) to Johannesburg – South Africa (JNB) Return Ticket

Price: £ 337.39
Average Fare:  £ 660.00

Savings: £  322.61

Airline: Ethiopian Airlines
Date: 21.01.2018 to 29.01.2018


Still, Jo’burg is an incredibly friendly, unstuffy city and there’s a lot to see here, from sobering reminders of the country’s recent past at the Apartheid Museum to the progressive streets of Melville. So delve in and experience the buzz of a city undergoing an incredible rebirth.

Milan (Italy) to Recife (Brazil) £ 290.40 Return Ticket

Milan to Recife 290.40

Milan – Italy (MXP) to  Recife – Brazil (REC) Return Ticket

Price: £ 290.40
Average Fare:  £ 680.00

Savings: £ 389.60

Airline: Tap
Date: 14.03.2018 to 25.03.2018


Naples (Italy) to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) £ 362.00 Return Ticket

Naples to RJ 363

Naples – Italy (NAP) to  Rio de Janeiro – Brazil (GIG) Return Ticket

Price: £ 362.00
Average Fare:  £ 690.00

Savings: £ 328.00

Airline: Alitalia
Date: 07.04.2018 to 22.04.2018

Rio de Janeiro

London (UK) to Varadero (Cuba) £ 279.00 Return Ticket

London to Cuba 279.00

London – UK (LGW) to  Varadero – Cuba (VRA) Return Ticket

Price: £ 279.00
Average Fare:  £ 670.00

Savings: £ 391.00

Airline: TUI Airlines
Date: 02.12.2017 to 16.12.2017


London (UK) to Zaragoza (Spain) £ 19.98 Return Ticket

London to Zaragoza 19.98

London – UK (STN) to Zaragoza – Spain (ZAZ) Return Ticket

Price: £ 19.98
Average Fare:  £ 120.00

Savings: £ 100.02

Airline: Ryanair
Date: 20.01.2018 to 23.01.2018


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London (UK) to Oslo (Norway) £ 11.98 Return Ticket

London to Oslo 11.98

London – UK (STN) to Oslo – Norway (TRF) Return Ticket

Price: £ 11.98
Average Fare:  £ 90.00

Savings: £ 78.02

Airline: Ryanair
Date: 30.11.2017 to 5.12.2017


Impossibly steep-sided Norwegian fjords of extraordinary beauty cut gashes from a jagged coastline deep into the interior. Glaciers, grand and glorious, snake down from icefields that rank among Europe’s largest. Elsewhere, the mountainous terrain of Norway’s interior resembles the ramparts of so many natural fortresses and yields to rocky coastal islands that rise improbably from the waters like apparitions. Then, of course, there’s the primaeval appeal, the spare and staggering beauty of the Arctic. And wherever you find yourself in this most extraordinary country, these landscapes serve as a backdrop for some of Europe’s prettiest villages. Nature in Norway is very much an active pursuit, and this is one of Europe’s most exciting and varied adventure-tourism destinations. Some activities may be for the young, energetic and fearless, but most – world-class hiking, cycling and white-water rafting in summer; dog-sledging, skiing and snowmobiling in winter – can be enjoyed by anyone of reasonable fitness. 

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London (UK) to Seoul (South Korea) £ 359.11 Return Ticket

London to Seoul 359.11

London – UK (LHR) to Seoul – South Korea (ICN) Return Ticket

Price: £ 360.11
Average Fare:  £ 690.00

Savings: £  329.89

Airline: Alitalia
Date: 18.03.2018 to 01.04.2018


Is the capital of South Korea. With a municipal population of over 11.8 million, and a metropolitan population totalling over 25.6 million, Seoul is by far South Korea’s largest city and one of East Asia’s financial and cultural epicentres. A fascinating blend of ancient traditions and cutting-edge digital technology, home to endless street food vendors and vast nightlife districts, an extraordinarily high-pressure educational system and serene Buddhist temples, a trend-setting youth culture and often crushing conformism, extraordinary architecture and endless monotonous rows of grey apartment buildings, Seoul is a city filled with stark contrasts.

London – UK to Delhi – India £ 300.60 Return Ticket

London to Delhi 300.60

London – UK (LHR) to Delhi – India (DEL) Return Ticket

Price: £ 300.60
Average Fare:  £ 520.00

Savings: £ 219.40

Airline: KLM
Date: 8.05.2018 to 22.05.2018


Where laborers haul sacks of spices and jewelers weigh gold on dusty scales, to modern New Delhi, with its colonial-era parliament buildings and penchant for high tea. Then on to the future: Gurgaon, a satellite city of skyscraping offices and glitzy malls. This pulsating metropolis has a bigger population than Australia and is one of the world’s most polluted cities. But woven into its rich fabric are moments of pure beauty: an elderly man threading temple marigolds; Sufi devotional songs; a boy flying a kite from a rooftop. So don’t be put off. Delhi is a city that has been repeatedly ravaged and reborn, with vestiges of lost empires in almost every neighborhood. There’s so much to experience here, it’s like a country in itself.

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