London (UK) to New Delhi (India) £ 290.71 Return Ticket

London to New Dehli 290.00

London – UK (LHR) to New Delhi – India (DEL) Return Ticket

Price: £ 290.71
Average Fare:  £ 640.00

Savings: £ 349.29

Airline: Alitalia
Date: 1.03.2018 to 22.03.2018

New Delhi Facts

  • Only drink bottled water, unless you’re invited to a local resident’s home where they have their own RO (reverse osmosis) filter system. This also applies to ice because tap water ice cubes can make you sick.
  • The concept of personal space is almost nonexistent, not just in Delhi but all over India. Whether you’re standing in a queue or traveling in the metro, get used to moving shoulder-to-shoulder.
  • Delhi once was a walled city which had 14 gates. Now only 5 gates among the 14 exist in the city. Those heritage gates are Ajmeri Gate, Kashmiri Gate, Lahori Gate, Delhi Gate and Turkman Gate.
  • Khari Baoli Market in New Delhi is the largest spice market in Asia. If you want to some click some colorful images of spices then this is the ideal place for you.
  • Delhi Ridge, a forested region is home to a number of birds. Thus, making New Delhi the second most bird-rich capital city in the world after Nairobi in Kenya. 

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