London (UK) to Kuwait City (Kuwait) £ 201.62 Return Ticket

London to Kuwait 201.62

London – UK (LHR) to Kuwait City – Kuwait (KWI) Return Ticket

Price: £ 201.62
Average Fare:  £ 520.00

Savings: £ 318.38

Airline: Atlasjet
Date: 20.02.018 to 26.02.2018

Kuwait Facts

  • Kuwait is the only country in the world with no natural water supply from lakes or reservoirs but it did open its first grass golf course in 2005.
  • The Kuwaiti Dinar, the official currency of Kuwait, is the highest-valued currency in the world. One Kuwaiti Dinar equals 1,000 fils. Their currency is available in both coins and notes in different denominations.
  • There are more than one million non-nationals living in the country, citing better trade and job opportunities. The majority of this population migrated to the coastal region after the discovery of oil. As of 2016, its total population consisted of 69% immigrants.
  • Kuwait has 3 towers. The smallest tower is used for projecting lights onto the other two towers. The second tower is used as a water reservoir. And lastly, the largest has a revolving restaurant and revolving view deck giving a scenic view of Kuwait City and bordering cities.
  • The national bird of Kuwait is the falcon. It is found everywhere and also seen on the currencies and stamps.

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