Dublin (Ireland) to Vancouver (Canada) £ 301.90 Return Ticket

Dublin to Vancouver 301.00

Dublin – Ireland (DUB) to Vancouver – Canada (YVR) Return Ticket

Price: £ 301.90
Average Fare:  £ 650.00

Savings: £ 348.10

Airline: Air Canada
Date: 05.06.2018 to 19.06.2018

Dublin Facts

  • Dublin may be a small city but we’ve the largest enclosed city park in Europe. At 1,750 acres, Dublin’s Phoenix Park is five times the size of London’s Hyde Park and double the size of New York’s Central Park. Phoenix Park is also home to Dublin Zoo, wild roaming deer and offers the best Segway tours and concerts.
  • Listen to this: the city has over 120 miles of cycle tracks, and Dublin’s Bike scheme has 450 bikes for public use and 40 bike stations around the city. Cycling in Dublin has never been easier. Cycling in big cities can be intimidating, but fear not, Dublin is more accessible than most – you can cycle from one side of Dublin city to another in half an hour!
  • Forget Paris, Dublin is the city of love: we have our own Romeo and his name is St Valentine, the saint for lovers all over the world. The remains of this patron saint lie in Dublin’s Whitefriar Street Church, and many make the journey to visit him each year; so don’t forget to bring your love letter.
  • You can smell the hops from many places in the city and that’s because, at Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse, the traditional stout beer is made in huge quantities for the fine folk who like to enjoy a pint of Guinness or what’s also known as a ‘meal in a cup’. If you’re looking for things to do in Dublin, visit the brewery too and enjoy panoramic views of the city.
  • Dublin is home to traditional Irish pubs and innovative culinary dishes. With around 740 Irish pubs around the city, local delicacies such as Irish stew, boiled bacon and cabbage, and Shepherd’s Pie.

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