London (UK) to Banjul (Gambia) £ 245.98 Return Ticket

London to Banjul 245.98


London – UK (GTW) to Banjul – Gambia (BJL) Return Ticket

Price: £ 245.98
Average Fare:  £ 510.00

Savings: £ 264.02

Airline: Thomas Cook
Date: 08.02.2019 to 15.02.2019

Gambia Facts

  • For much of the population, the Gambia’s weekend is three days long and begins on Thursday. Jammeh announced the measure – for public sector workers and schools – to give the country’s mainly Muslim population more time to pray, socialise and tend to their fields.
  • Gambia has a tropical climate. A hot and rainy season normally lasts from June until November, but from then until May, cooler temperatures predominate, with less precipitation. Natural hazards: drought (rainfall has dropped by 30% in the last 30 years).
  • Unesco World Heritage Sites: 1. James Island and Related Sites 2. Stone Circles of Senegambia (megaliths) which run from Senegal through the Gambia and which are described by UNESCO as “the largest concentration of stone circles seen anywhere in the world”.
  • Makasutu Cultural Forest — a large eco-tourism project near the beaches popular as a package day trip with game drive, boat ride, & performances by locals. Tours the whole country.
  • Sanyang Beach. One of the most beautiful beaches in Gambia. Rainbow Beach Bar is a great place to spend the day, and also has a few affordable rooms for staying the night. Public transport leaves from Serrakunda and Brikama regularly, and private taxis can also be hired for day trips.

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