Paris (France) to Martinique (Caribbean) £ 170.10 Return Ticket

aris to Martinique 177.10

Paris – France (ORY) to Martinique Island – French Overseas region (PTP) Return Ticket

Price: £ 171.10
Average Fare:  £ 620.00

Savings: £ 448.90

Airline: Iberia Airlines
Date: 11.10.2018 to 9.11.2018

Martinique Facts

  • The terrain here is mostly mountainous and volcanic in origin, with the coastline featuring many beautiful sandy beaches.
  • Martiniquais enjoy a tropical climate with a dry season from December until May and little temperature variation throughout the year.
  • Martiniquais enjoy a yearly 4-day carnival which ends on the first day of Lent. As you might expect, the carnival includes live music and beautiful, brightly colored costumes.
  • Martinique boasts a wide range of wildlife, including manatees, bats, snakes, the Volcano Frog (which happens to be endemic to Martinique), around 200 species of bird and around 225 species of reef fish!
  • The capital is Fort-de-France; it covers an area of 17 square miles (44 square kilometers) and had a population of 90,347 in 2006.

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