London (UK) to Orlando (USA) £ 276.23 Return Ticket

London to Orlando 276.23

London – UK (GTW) to Orlando – USA (SFB) Return Ticket

Price: £ 276.23
Average Fare:  £ 670.00

Savings: £ 393.77

Airline: TUI
Date: 7.04.018 to 18.04.2018

Florida Facts

  • Orlando, one of the major cities of Florida attracts more visitors than any other city in Florida. The Disney World Amusement park resort in Orlando covers an area of 30,500 acres attracts more than 16 million tourists every year. The Disney World Resort is also the largest single-site employer in the U. S. It has employed more than 59,000 last members just to entertain the visitors.
  • With over 87 million visitors in the year 2014, Florida is one of the top travel destinations in the world. The tourist industry has an impact of 67 billion on Florida’s economy.
  • Florida is recognized all over the world for its balmy weather. The mild winter of the state has made it a haven for the retirees and tourists. Summers can be hot with showers providing relief during the rainy season. The coastal areas do experience gentle breezes during summer. The hurricane season running from 1st June to 30th November has taught the Floridians to be ready to face the storm in their area.
  • Florida is also dubbed as the Alligator State because of the hundreds of alligators living there. In the year 1987, the Florida legislature chose Alligator Mississippians as the state reptile. The alligator symbolizes the extensive untamed swamps and wilderness of Florida.
  • The Everglades National Park, spanning the southern tip of the Florida Peninsula, is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. The national park has fourteen rare and endangered species of animals.

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