London (UK) to Hong Kong £ 319.27 Return Ticket

London to Hong Kong 319.27

London – UK (LHR) to Hong Kong (HKG) Return Ticket

Price: £ 319.27
Average Fare:  £ 640.00

Savings: £ 320.73

Airline: Airchina
Date: 23.05.2018 to 05.06.2018

Hong Kong Facts

  • Dim sum originated here in southern China and means “touch the heart”. These tiny bites of goodness were created as snack food for travelers and today are an essential part of local culture.
  • Hong Kong’s half-mile Mid-Levels Escalator is the world’s longest covered escalator.
  • You probably know that Hong Kong means “fragrant harbor” in Chinese, but did you know that every time you utter the word “Kowloon” you are saying “nine dragons”? Folklore says that when a young emperor noticed the area’s eight hills, he named the land “eight dragons,” until his servant pointed out that the emperor should be considered a dragon too, making nine. Kow sounds like “gau” or nine in Cantonese, and Loon is like “lung” or dragon.
  • A famous Hong Kong landmark, the bronze Big Buddha located on Lantau Island is one of the world’s largest seated Buddhas and is 34 meters high.
  • A foodie paradise, Hong Kong has one of the highest numbers of restaurants or cafes per capita and is also the place to score the cheapest Michelin-starred food on the planet.

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