How to find a cheap ticket


Flights can represent the biggest part of your trip expenses, that’s why is important to find the best deals. Cheap fares are always out there. You just need to master the way the market behaves. My ultimate guide for a cheap airline ticket explain the main points to get the cheapest airline.


This is one of the most relevant points to get a good deal if you set fixed dates you will likely to pay a premium for that dates. Even small changes can save you few pounds. My last trip to Hong Kong I saved £ 80.00 for the return ticket just moving one day further. Be flexible with destination too and get the most of your money. I always have few destinations in mind for a specific date so I can get the best deal.

Error Fare

These tickets are not as rare as it looks like, with millions of tickets selling every day, errors will occur. And if you are like me and want to visit everywhere, this is the dream fare. My best deal was £ 2.00 return tickets London to Amsterdam.

Be in touch with the players

Join mailing list of the airlines, follow them on social media and be the first to know about promotions or new routes.

Think outside the box

Sometimes in a long haul is better to fly somewhere else before you get to your main destination. Example, I found tickets from London to Brazil in the high season for £ 660.00, but for the same dates, I could fly from London to Rome stay two days there and get amazing deal Rome to Brazil. Overall, I was saving £ 270.00 pounds and enjoying 2 days at the beautiful Rome.

Be careful with search engines

There is a big difference between the big players, most of them generate revenue from advertisers and affiliate programs. Sometimes the best deal won’t be few clicks away. Quite often it is easy to find cheaper tickets direct in the airline sites. For me is around 50/50, they still help me a lot to find tickets especially when you need a layover.

Book it in advance but not too early

Aviation market is extremely complex when the subject is price formation, it depends on so many factors. The lowest fares fluctuate most of the time based on demand and offer, but it can go down too when cancellations and more offers are updated. The sweet spot for bookings is 6 to 8 weeks before your flight dates. And around 3 months before your trip during the high season.

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