London (UK) to St Lucia (Caribean) £ 279.00 Return Ticket

London to St Lucia 279

London – UK (LGW) to St. Lucia – Caribean (UVF) Return Ticket

Price: £ 279.00
Average Fare:  £ 680.00

Savings: £ 401.00

Airline: TUI
Date: 4.01.2018 to 18.01.2018

St Lucia

Paris (France) to Guadalupe Island £ 184.11 Return Ticket

Paris to Guadalupe 185.00

Paris – France (ORY) to Guadalupe Island – French Overseas region (PTP) Return Ticket

Price: £ 184.11
Average Fare:  £ 550.00

Savings: £ 365.89

Airline: Iberia Airlines
Date: 26.09.2018 to 03.10.2018


Guadeloupe is an archipelago of over a dozen islands that combine to offer travellers a wealth of attractions from deserted beaches to soaring mountains. Guadeloupe’s two main islands look like the wings of a butterfly and are joined together by just a couple of bridges and a mangrove swamp. Grande-Terre, the eastern of the two islands, has a string of beach towns that offer visitors marvellous stretches of sand to laze on and plenty of activities. Mountainous Basse-Terre, the western island, is home to the wonderful Parc National de la Guadeloupe, which is crowned by the spectacular La Soufrière volcano.

London (UK) to Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) £ 279.00 Return Ticket

London to Punta Cana 279.00

London – UK (LGW) to Punta Cana – Dominican Republic (PUJ) Return Ticket

Price: £ 279.00
Average Fare:  £ 650.00

Savings: £  371.00

Airline: TUI Airlines
Date: 07.12.2017 TO 21.12.2017

Punta Cana

Punta Cana, the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic, abuts the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a region known for its 32km stretch of beaches and clear waters. The Bávaro area and Punta Cana combine to form what’s known as La Costa del Coco, or the Coconut Coast, an area of lavish, all-inclusive resorts. It’s popular for zip-lining, windsurfing, kayaking and sailing.

London (UK) to Varadero (Cuba) £ 279.00 Return Ticket

London to Cuba 279.00

London – UK (LGW) to  Varadero – Cuba (VRA) Return Ticket

Price: £ 279.00
Average Fare:  £ 670.00

Savings: £ 391.00

Airline: TUI Airlines
Date: 02.12.2017 to 16.12.2017


London – UK to Bridgetown – Barbados £ 279.00 Return Ticket

London to Barbados 279.00

London – UK (LGW) to Bridgetown – Barbados (BGI) Return Ticket

Price: £ 279.00
Average Fare:  £ 620.00

Savings: £  341.00

Airline: TUI Airlines
Date: 10.12.2017 to 24.12.2017


While it’s justifiably famed for its fantastic beaches, Barbados is an island that has it all. In addition to fine powdery sand and brilliant turquoise bays, you’ll find smashing nightlife, a Unesco World Heritage-listed capital, a beautiful interior dotted with gardens, and wild surf on the lonely east coast, all inhabited by a proud and welcoming populace.

London (UK) to Liberia (Costa Rica) £ 269.00 Return Ticket

London to Costa Rica 269.00

London – UK (LGW) to Liberia – Costa Rica (LIR) Return Ticket

Price: £ 269.00
Average Fare:  £ 650.00

Savings: £ 381.00

Airline: TUI Airlines
Date: 31.10.2017 to 8.11.2017

Costa Rica