London (UK) to Fez (Marocco) £ 32.98 Return Ticket


London – UK (STN) to Fez – Marocco (FEZ) Return Ticket

Price: £ 32.98
Average Fare:  £ 130.00

Savings: £ 97.02

Airline: Ryanair
Date: 15.05.2019 to 22.05.2019


London (UK) to Fez (Marocco) £ 33.98 Return Ticket

London to Fez 33.98

London – UK (STN) to Fez – Marocco (FEZ) Return Ticket

Price: £ 33.98
Average Fare:  £ 110.00

Savings: £ 76.02

Airline: Ryanair
Date: 03.12.2017 to 06.12.2017


An ancient breeding ground for scholars and artisans, imams and gourmands – Fez is a supremely self-confident city with a historical and cultural lineage that beguiles visitors. And there is something intangible raw about a place where 70,000 people still choose to live in the maelstrom of a medina so dark, dense and dilapidated that it remains the world’s largest car-free urban area. Donkeys cart goods down the warren of alleyways as they have done since medieval times and ruinous pockets loom around every corner – through a government drive to restore Fès el-Bali to its former glory is spurring changes.

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