London (UK) to Bordeaux (France) £ 18.99 Return Ticket


London – UK (LGW) to Bordeaux – France (BOD) Return Ticket

Price: £ 18.99
Average Fare:  £ 140.00

Savings: £ 121.01

Airline: Ryanair
Date: 29.01.2020 to 03.02.2020


Paris (France) to Martinique (Caribbean) £ 170.10 Return Ticket

aris to Martinique 177.10

Paris – France (ORY) to Martinique Island – French Overseas region (PTP) Return Ticket

Price: £ 171.10
Average Fare:  £ 620.00

Savings: £ 448.90

Airline: Iberia Airlines
Date: 11.10.2018 to 9.11.2018

Martinique Facts

  • The terrain here is mostly mountainous and volcanic in origin, with the coastline featuring many beautiful sandy beaches.
  • Martiniquais enjoy a tropical climate with a dry season from December until May and little temperature variation throughout the year.
  • Martiniquais enjoy a yearly 4-day carnival which ends on the first day of Lent. As you might expect, the carnival includes live music and beautiful, brightly colored costumes.
  • Martinique boasts a wide range of wildlife, including manatees, bats, snakes, the Volcano Frog (which happens to be endemic to Martinique), around 200 species of bird and around 225 species of reef fish!
  • The capital is Fort-de-France; it covers an area of 17 square miles (44 square kilometers) and had a population of 90,347 in 2006.

London (UK) to Carcassonne (France) £ 15.96 Return Ticket

London to carcassonne 15.96

London – UK (STN) to Carcassonne – France (CCF) Return Ticket

Price: £ 15.96
Average Fare:  £ 150.00

Savings: £ 134.04

Airline: Ryanair
Date: 26.03.018 to 30.03.2018

Carcassonne Facts

  • Carcassonne competes with Mont St Michel for the title of the most visited monument in France The citadel was restored at the end of the 19th century and in 1997 it was added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.
  • The fortified city has a concentric design having two outer walls with 52 towers and barbicans, designed to prevent attack by siege engines.
  • The walls of the city are 1.9 miles (3 km) long.
  • The canal port at Carcassonne is one of the busiest, and from here you can hop on a half or whole-day canal trip, or even rent a boat for a week or two. Even a half-day trip is lots of fun – get a picnic together at one of Carcassonne’s épiceries, and flat down the tunnel of plane trees either to the west towards Bram or to the east through Trèbes. 
  • Wine is everywhere in the Languedoc, but Carcassonne is ideally placed as a jumping-off point into two of the region’s finest wine-growing areas – the Minervois to the north, and the rugged Corbières to the south.

Paris (France) to Guadalupe Island (Caribbean) £ 184.11 Return Ticket

Paris to Guadalupe 181.00

Paris – France (ORY) to Guadalupe Island – French Overseas region (PTP) Return Ticket

Price: £ 181.00
Average Fare:  £ 550.00

Savings: £ 369.00

Airline: Level Airlines
Date: 14.10.2018 to 7.11.2018

Guadalupe Facts

  • Guadeloupe, a French overseas region, is an island group in the southern Caribbean Sea. Resembling a butterfly, its 2 largest islands are separated by the Salée River. Hilly Grande-Terre Island has long beaches and sugarcane fields.
  • The currency used in Guadeloupe is the Euro, because the country is an overseas department of France.
  • Guadeloupe is located in the Caribbean, with Antigua and Barbuda to the north and Dominica to the south.
  • Guadeloupe boasts some of the best diving sites in the world thanks to the crystal clear waters, wonderful coral, stunning wildlife and captivating shipwrecks.
  • There is an active volcano in Guadeloupe called La Soufriere, on the island Basse-Terre.

London (UK) to Toulouse (France) £ 9.98 Return Ticket

London to toulouse 9.98

London – UK (STN) to Toulouse – France (TSL) Return Ticket

Price: £ 9.98
Average Fare:  £ 120.00

Savings: £ 110.02

Airline: Ryanair
Date: 29.01.2018 to 31.01.2018


Ochre rooftops and blushing brick churches earned Toulouse the nickname ‘La Ville Rose’ (the pink city). Its enchanting Vieux Quartier (Old Quarter) is a dreamy jumble of coral-coloured shopfronts and churches. Beyond the old town, Toulouse sprawls into France’s fourth-largest metropolis. It’s an animated, hectic place, but Toulouse – nestled between a bend in the Garonne River and the mighty Canal du Midi – is invigorated by its waterways. Toulouse has one of the largest universities outside Paris: at its core this southwestern French city is home to students and scientists. French aeronautical history continues to be innovated in the Airbus factory outside town.

London (UK) to Grenoble (France) £ 9.98 Return Ticket

London to Grenoble 10.00

London – UK (STN) to Grenoble – France (GNB) Return Ticket

Price: £ 9.98
Average Fare:  £ 110.00

Savings: £ 100.02

Airline: Ryanair
Date: 13.01.2017 to 16.01.2017


Nearly 20 ski resorts surround Grenoble, which is right in the middle of 4 mountain chains. The slopes of the Vercors, Chartreuse, Belledonne, and Oisans mountains are each unique in their own right. With family or friends, for a sporty outing or a lone trek to contemplate the immense landscapes, in the sun or even at night.Known as the ‘Capital of the Alps’, Grenoble boasts great museums, excellent dining, effervescent nightlife, outstanding quality of life and a superb public transport system. Home to a slew of high-tech industries, the 1968 Winter Olympic City is the focal point for a wider metropolitan area of more than 650,000 Grenobloises and Grenoblois, nearly 10% of them, students. 


Paris (France) to New York (USA) £ 201.91 Return Ticket

Paris to New York 201.91

Paris – France (ORY) to New York – USA (EWR) Return Ticket

Price: £  201.91
Average Fare:  £ 580.00

Savings: £ 378.09

Airline: Iberia and Primeira Airlines
Date: 9.10.2018 to 23.10.2018

New York

New York City receives over 60 million foreign and American tourists each year. Major destinations include the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, Broadway theatre productions, Central Park, Times Square, Coney Island, the Financial District, museums, sports stadiums, luxury shopping along Fifth and Madison Avenues, and events such as the Tribeca Film Festival, and free performances in Central Park at Summerstage and Delacorte Theater. Many New York City ethnic enclaves, such as Jackson Heights, Flushing, and Brighton Beach are major shopping destinations for first and second generation Americans up and down the East Coast. New York City has over 28,000 acres (110 km2) of parkland and 14 linear miles (22 km) of public beaches. Manhattan’s Central Park, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, is the most visited city park in the United States. Prospect Park in Brooklyn, also designed by Olmsted and Vaux, has a 90-acre (36 ha) meadow. Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens, the city’s third largest, was the setting for the 1939 World’s Fair and 1964 World’s Fair.