London (UK) to Auckland (New Zealand) £ 417.91 Return Ticket

London to Auckland 417.91

London – UK (LHR) to Auckland – New Zealand (AKL) Return Ticket

Price: £ 417.91
Average Fare:  £ 760.00

Savings: £ 342.09

Airline: Airchina
Date: 13.05.2018 to 27.05.2018

New Zealand

London (UK) to Auckland (New Zealand) £ 398.05 Return Ticket

London to Auckland 398.05

London – UK (LHR) to Auckland – New Zealand (AKL) Return Ticket

Price: £ 498.05
Average Fare:  £ 760.00

Savings: £ 361.95

Airline: Airchina
Date: 22.05.2018 to 29.05.2018

New Zealand Facts

  • Although it is around the size of Japan, New Zealand’s population is just over four million, making it one of the world’s least populated countries.
  • New Zealanders love their cars! 2.5 million cars for 4 million people (including the kids) makes New Zealand’s car ownership rate one of the highest in the world.
  • Head to Dunedin (named for the Gaelic name for Edinburgh) to see some of Scotland’s influence on New Zealand architecture and culture. You can even check out Larnach Castle, New Zealand’s only castle!
  • Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu is the place name that all your family would hate if they had to send you birthday cards. The 85-letter town in Hawke’s Bay is in the Guinness World Records for the longest place name in the world.
  • It’s no wonder New Zealand is known for its incredible scenery when so much of the country has been carefully protected and preserved. A visit to some of the national parks is an absolute must.

London (UK) to Auckland (New Zealand) £ 416.91 Return Ticket

London to Auckland 416.91

London – UK (LHR) to Auckland – New Zealand (AKL) Return Ticket

Price: £ 416.91
Average Fare:  £ 760.00

Savings: £ 343.09

Airline: Airchina
Date: 11.05.2018 to 29.05.2018

New Zealand Facts

  • While it is no longer the case, New Zealand was once governed as a part of the territory of New South Wales (later a part of Australia). When Australia federated in 1901, New Zealand was offered a place as one of their states. New Zealand refused and is its own country with no ties (other than economic and commonwealth) to Australia.
  • A kiwi is not a fruit – it is New Zealand’s native flightless bird (pictured above) and a slang term for a New Zealander. Kiwis call the fruit “kiwifruit” – they are also known as Chinese Gooseberries.
  • New Zealand has a strong hold on the international trade in sheep meat. There are presently around 9 sheep to every 1 human in New Zealand (the population of New Zealand is 4 million).
  • Lake Taupo (one of New Zealand’s most popular tourist destinations) was the source of the largest known eruption in the world in the last 70 thousand years. It had a Volcanic Explosivity Index of 8. It released over 530 cubic kilometers of magma.
  • With more than 400, New Zealand has more golf courses per capita than anywhere else in the world.

London (UK) to Auckland (New Zealand) £ 408.63 Return Ticket

London to Auckland 408.63

London – UK (LHR) to Auckland – New Zealand (AKL) Return Ticket

Price: £ 408.63
Average Fare:  £ 760.00

Savings: £ 351.37

Airline: Airchina
Date: 06.11.2018 to 19.11.2018

New Zealand Facts

  • Blue Lake, in Nelson Lakes National Park, has the clearest water in the world.
  • New Zealand is a popular summer destination, both for overseas and domestic visitors. This is partly due to the fascinating Maori culture, amazing scenery and also the huge success of the films “The Lord of the Rings” and the upcoming “The Hobbit“.
  • In NZ you will hear the word “Kiwi” quite a lot – on the one hand, there is the native flightless bird and  the Kiwi Fruit but on the other hand, it is also used as a slang term for a New Zealander
  • Auckland is the largest Polynesian city in the world and is also known as “the city of sails”. It has more boats per capita than anywhere else in the world
  • The Te Waikoropupū Springs (known as Pupū Springs) discharge 3,698 gallons (14,000 liters) of water per second and are the largest freshwater springs in New Zealand, are the largest cold water springs in the Southern Hemisphere, and contain the clearest water ever measured outside of Antarctica.