London (UK) to Rome (Italy) £ 42.01 Return Ticket


London – UK (LGW) to Rome – Italy (CIA) Return Ticket

Price: £ 42.01
Average Fare:  £ 180.00

Savings: £ 137.99

Airline: Ryanair
Date: 27.03.2019 to 03.03.2019


Rome (Italy) to Tokyo (Japan) £ 291.64 Return Ticket

Rome to Tokyo 292.00

Rome – Italy (FCO) to  Tokyo – Japan (NRT) Return Ticket

Price: £ 291.64
Average Fare:  £ 710.00

Savings: £ 418.36

Airline: China Eastern
Date:  15.05.2018 to 23.05.2018

Tokyo Facts

  • The Harajuku district of Tokyo is famous for its alternative street fashion.  This trendy district is also said to show the expression of the youth of Tokyo.  Each of the independently owned shops and cafes have their own feel which creates a unique composition.
  • Tokyo Skytree was announced as the tallest tower in the world in 2010. The Skytree features the world’s highest skywalk as well as presents a very beautiful view to its less daring visitors.
  • The cherry blossom is the national symbol of Japan. These trees flower for one or two weeks a year starting in April. This period is known as Hanami, the long-standing tradition of welcoming spring. This festival is about appreciating the temporary beauty of nature.
  • Vending machines are available in Tokyo at every 12-meter distance. You can buy anything from hamburgers to clothes, candies to cold drinks, Milk packs to ice cream the list goes on!
  • Tokyo is a city that loves its seafood. There is a wholesale fish market called Tsukiji. This is the busiest and largest fish market in the world. Live tuna auctions are the main attraction, which takes place every morning at 5 am sharp. This is a major tourist attraction and free visitor tickets are given to the public every morning at 4 am.


Rome (Italy) to Salvador (Brazil) £ 343.40 Return Ticket

London to Salvador 343.40

Rome – Italy (FCO) to Salvador -Brazil (SSA) Return Ticket

Price: £ 343.40
Average Fare:  £ 740.00

Savings: £ 396.60

Airline: TAP
Date: 8.05.2018 to 14.05.2018


Africa meets South America in the staggeringly beautiful northeastern state of Bahia. The heady blend of two seemingly disparate cultures – classic Portuguese architecture and African drum beats, Catholic churches and Candomblé (Afro-Brazilian religion) – is unique, and for most travelers, truly intoxicating. Bahia’s centerpiece is Salvador, a jewel-box colonial city with gilded churches, cobblestone streets, lively festivals, powerful percussion reverberating off old stone walls and capoeiristas battling against the backdrops of 16th-century buildings. Beyond the city limits, Bahia awaits with more than 900km of coastline, World Heritage–listed sites, deserted beaches and paradisaical islands. In the south, idyllic coastal villages attract vacationers and divers, while inland, the spectacular Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina features waterfalls and quiet hiking paths waiting to be explored.

Rome (Italy) to Johannesburg (South Africa) £ 344.74 Return Ticket

Rome to Johannesburg 344.74

Rome – Italy (FCO) to Johannesburg – South Africa (INB) Return Ticket

Price: £ 344.74
Average Fare:  £ 670.00

Savings: £ 325.26

Airline: KLM and Airfrance
Date: 1.02.2017 to 11.02.2017


Still, Jo’burg is an incredibly friendly, unstuffy city and there’s a lot to see here, from sobering reminders of the country’s recent past at the Apartheid Museum to the progressive streets of Melville. So delve in and experience the buzz of a city undergoing an incredible rebirth.

Rome (Italy) to Tokyo (Japan) £ 319.12 Return Ticket

Rome to Tokyo 319.12

Rome – Italy (FCO) to  Tokyo – Japan (NRT) Return Ticket

Price: £ 319.12
Average Fare:  £ 710.00

Savings: £ 390.88

Airline: China Eastern
Date:  19.01.2018 to 27.01.2018


Yoking past and future, Tokyo dazzles with its traditional culture and passion for everything new. Tokyo’s neon-lit streetscapes still look like a sci-fi film set – and that’s a vision of the city from the 1980s. Tokyo has been building ever since, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on densely populated, earthquake-prone land, adding ever taller, sleeker structures. From giant robots to saucer-eyed schoolgirls to a certain, ubiquitous kitty, Japanese pop culture is a phenomenon that has reached far around the world. Tokyo is the country’s pop-culture laboratory, where new trends grow legs. 

Rome (Italy) to Sao Paulo (Brazil) £ 362.93 Return Ticket

Rome to Sao Paulo 362.93

Rome – Italy (FCO) to  Sao Paulo – Brazil (GRU) Return Ticket

Price: £ 362.93
Average Fare:  £ 650.00

Savings: £ 287.07

Airline: Tap
Date: 11.04.2018 to 21.04.2018

São Paulo

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