London (UK) to Inverness (Scotland) £ 36.98 Return Ticket


London – UK (LTN) to Inverness – Scotland (INV) Return Ticket

Price: £ 36.98
Average Fare:  £ 120.00

Savings: £ 83.02

Airline: Ryanair
Date: 31.03.2020 to 04.04.2020


London (UK) to Edinburgh (Scotland) £ 19.98 Return Ticket

London to Edinburgh 19.98

London – UK (STN) to Edinburgh – Scotland (EDI) Return Ticket

Price: £ 19.98
Average Fare:  £ 120.00

Savings: £ 100.02

Airline: Ryanair
Date: 16.04.018 to 20.04.2018

Edinburgh Facts

  • Edinburgh Castle is built on the site of an extinct volcano.
  • The first king of Great Britain James I (a Scottish king James VI) was born in the Edinburgh castle.
  • Edinburgh is the greenest city in the UK since there are 112 parks in the city.
  • J.K.Rowling used to go to the Nicolson`s café during a hard period of her life and she started to write the first book about Harry Potter exactly there. Now there is a restaurant on that place called «Spoon».
  • The number of heritage buildings in Edinburgh is bigger than anywhere. There are about 16 thousands historical buildings of different epochs.