London (UK) to Tan Son Nhat (Vietnam) £ 302.27 Return Ticket


London – UK (LHR) to Tan Son Nhat – Vietnam (SGN) Return Ticket

Price: £ 302.27
Average Fare:  £ 640.00

Savings: £ 337.73

Airline: China Southern Airlines
Date: 15.03.2020 to 28.03.2020


London (UK) to Phu Quoc (Vietnam) £ 279.00 Return Ticket

London to Phu Quoc 279.00

London – UK (GTW) to Phu Quoc – Vietnam (PQC) Return Ticket

Price: £ 279.00
Average Fare:  £ 640.00

Savings: £ 361.00

Airline: TUI
Date: 14.02.018 to 01.03.2018

Phu Quoc Facts

  • If you are hunting for a mix of beaches, shopping, sight-observing, range of meals and nightlife, chose Nha Trang or Mui Ne.
  • Phu Quoc Island, evaluate to other areas of Vietnam, is not the cheapest destination. But for an atmospheric and cheap dining encounter, go to the Phu Quoc Night time Marketplace. This restaurant, not from the evening market, is also worth a go to for low-cost meals in Phu Quoc.
  • Phu Quoc island has historical sites on the island including National Hero Nguyen Trung Truc’s Military Base, King Gia Long relics from the time he spent on the island & prison. The most famous site in Phu Quoc island that is Phu Quoc prison. It is likely the most important attraction in Phu Quoc island.
  • Phu Quoc is seemed the island of “99 mountains” with the longest mountain being Ham Ninh. Ham Ninh Mountain has the highest peak called Mt. Chua. Visiting Phu Quoc island, visitors will have a chance to hike up the mountain and reach the peak. 
  • Phu Quoc is naturally blessed with peaceful, natural environment like the virgin forest of more than 37,000 hectares in area, white-sand beaches, clear blue water, diversified wildlife species, so it is not difficult to see why this island shows enormous tourism potential.

London (UK) to Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) £ 314.76 Return Ticket

London to Ho Chi Minh 314.76

London – UK (LHR) to Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam (SGN) Return Ticket

Price: £ 314.76
Average Fare:  £ 640.00

Savings: £ 325.24

Airline: Airchina
Date: 21.05.2018 to 11.06.2018

Vietnam Facts

  • The Forbidden Purple City is a palace that was only able to be accessed by the royal family and their servants. As the name suggests, it was forbidden to everyone else.
  • Vietnam is also home to the world’s largest cave, Son Doong.
  • Vietnam’s street food culture is quite popular and considered by many to be one of the best in the world.
  • Foreigners have the option of applying for a Temporary Residence Card, which is cheaper and easier to process than a visa.
  • In Vietnam, motorbikes are everywhere! According to the Ministry of Transport figures from 2013, of the 90+ million population, 37 million were registered with a motorbike and only 2 million with a car.


London – UK to Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam £ 312.63 Return Ticket

London to Vietnam 312.63

London – UK (LHR) to Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam (SGN) Return Ticket

Price: £ 312.63
Average Fare:  £ 620.00

Savings: £  307.37

Airline: Air China Airlines
Date: 17.01.2018 to 06.02.2018

Ho Chi Minh

From: Lonely Planet